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Our Services

We carry out all kinds of repairs on trailers up to 3.5 tonne MGW. Whether this is replacing locked on brakes, floors, towing equipment, complete rewires or general service work.

Why get a trailer serviced?

Each year your car has an MOT and also a service. You wouldn't dream of driving a car for years and years with it never being checked and serviced. This is exactly the same for a trailer. Yes they don't have an engine but they do have an intricate braking system that requires regular maintenance in order for it to work. The braking system on most trailers is legal requirement and must work to be road legal. In addition to brakes they have lighting systems, suspension set-ups and coupling units which can all wear out and go wrong.

Did you know that if you are stopped by either the police or the DVSA your trailer tyres are penalised in exactly the same way as your car. 3 points on your licence plus a fine for EACH one! Talking of points it is also 3 points if you don't have a properly functioning breakaway cable or secondary coupling fitted to either a braked trailer or un-braked trailer respectively. As you can see once you start connecting trailers onto the back of your vehicle it is very easy to start putting your licence in question.

Make sure your trailer is serviced by us. In car terms it is a service and MOT combined into one. We check, clean, lubricate and adjust your brakes as required and also carry out `a comprehensive check of the trailer to make sure that you are towing both safely and legally.

On completion of the service you will receive a an invoice which explains what we have done and explains any issues there may be moving forward and also you will receive a service report which shows the condition of the trailer on the way into us and back out again.

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